Jon F. Strohmeyer MD

By Jill Seiler

Though I’m somewhat late in doing so, I would like to comment on the orientation process our office experienced in December for the Lumenis laser. First of all, Dr. Seiler was very accommodating in the scheduling process and he was punctual on the day scheduled. The information he gave was organized and well delivered, in as much as, I’ve had other similar experiences in which the orientation was “disorienting”. There is another factor that must be mentioned, that being, coming from a physician who actually performs the procedure, the information was very credible. I felt very comfortable with the guidelines and the approach to laser resurfacing that he took and suggested. Salespersons, nurses and others know a tremendous amount regarding their product, but there is an important message that the practicing physician has to offer. My experience with the laser has been very smooth so far. I am glad Lumenis decided to send Dr. Seiler to our office for the orientation process. Thanks. I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

-Jon F. Strohmeyer MD