Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get CME credits for taking the online courses?

Can the two courses be taken separately?

Do I get a certificate, especially for my CV and for professional insurance proof of training and experience/qualifications?

How do the courses work?

Do I have access to additional course materials, study guide, resources?

How long will I have access to the courses?

Do I have access to Dr. Seiler for follow up questions?

Do you have a course I can take to better understand SSAI and its training modules?

What do I do when a patient is different than the ones we viewed in the trainings?

Are Seiler Skin Aesthetic Institute’s online courses designed to replace hands-on trainings?

Are there plans to create more courses in the future?

Can I refer other people to the course?

Do the courses certify people to inject?

What if I experience technical difficulties while taking the course?

Can you provide testimonials on your courses?

What language do the training courses come in?

Does SSAI have terms and conditions?