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Seiler Skin Aesthetic Institute (SSAI) is a premier provider of online and hands-on injection, laser and Vampire®- certified PRP training courses for physician and non-physician cosmetic practitioners. SSAI was founded in 2008 by Warren B. Seiler III, M.D., a board-certified cosmetic laser surgeon and the owner of and medical director at Seiler Skin, after he evaluated the market and garnered feedback from experts around the globe regarding the lack of high-quality training programs. Through an innovative, easy-to-navigate online platform, as well as in hands-on training environments, Dr. Seiler is revolutionizing the training industry by providing practitioners unparalleled instruction on consulting with, assessing and performing procedures on a wide variability of patients. SSAI’s comprehensive training courses educate practitioners of all experience levels on Dr. Seiler’s proven facial assessment and treatment methodologies, which have been perfected over more than 14 years of cosmetic practice and 30,000 cosmetic injections. SSAI’s sole mission is to deliver practice-changing concepts that combine a safe, individualized approach with sophisticated techniques to produce superior patient results and increase practitioners’ confidence and proficiency.


The Potential Dangers of Filler – Addressing the Elephant in the Room


Filler Training

Neurotoxin and Filler Training Bundle

Neurotoxin Training

The modules are divided into 15 - 45 minute sections, allowing practitioners to complete the course at their desired pace from the comfort of their home or office. Our innovative e-learning platform offers the ability to take notes digitally, go back and review topics of interest or revisit sections as needed for additional clarity. Upon completion of the 10-module training course, practitioners will earn 17 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.* If desired, the neurotoxin and filler module groups can be purchased à la carte and will earn practitioners seven or 10 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™, respectively. Each module includes a didactic lecture series, whiteboard sessions and clinical demonstrations constructed in the following order:

Lecture series

The lecture components include detailed information about patient attraction and retention strategies, the consultation process, anatomical explanations, high-level injection best practices, trade secrets and other key areas of focus to prepare practitioners for the upcoming whiteboard sessions and clinical demonstrations.

White Board Sessions

The white board sessions provide in-depth anatomical explanations of Dr. Seiler’s proven CCAPP method and facial assessment methodology, and demonstrate how to address patients of all ages, genders, skin types and ethnicities to leave practitioners with no question about how to treat any type of patient that they may encounter in their practices.

Clinical Demonstrations

The clinical demonstrations teach practitioners how to bring theory to life through live injections on real patients – where Dr. Seiler breaks down his techniques into transferable skills, showing product and patient variability in action, highlighting how to navigate challenges as they arise and providing insight into how to achieve superior patient results.


  • Module 1: Assessment of the face for dynamic wrinkles
  • Module 2: Upper face – forehead, glabella, crow’s feet/lateral canthal lines, bunny lines/nasalis
  • Module 3: Perioral – lips and chin
  • Module 4: Neck
  • Module 5: Cosmetic migraine and TMJ


  • Module 6: Assessment of face for volume and laxity
  • Module 7: Midface, cheeks, brow and temple
  • Module 8: Tear trough
  • Module 9: Lips
  • Module 10: Perioral – nasolabial fold, marionette, chin and nose

WHY DR. SEILER CREATED these online courses

After more than a decade of conducting hands-on trainings, evaluating the market and hearing feedback from like-minded colleagues around the world, Dr. Seiler realized that the availability of highly effective injection-specific training courses – both hands-on and online – was grossly inadequate. Almost all currently available courses show very limited variability, resulting in time and revenue loss due to travel requirements and lack sufficient course materials, applicable takeaways and skill-refining components. All this translates to a common theme for cosmetic injectors – trainings notoriously are a high-risk, low-reward investment.

Moreover, Dr. Seiler has watched countless practitioners – including his own father – struggle to find peace and enjoyment in their practices before retiring. So, armed with a unique skillset and an authentic desire to help correct these issues, he set off to create this comprehensive online training platform. Most injectors know that, in our world, increased efficiency, aptitude and confidence are the name of the game, and this new program delivers each in spades. For Dr. Seiler, this endeavor is about creating real value that leads to more satisfied, loyal patients, increasing practice profitability and enabling practitioners to better enjoy what they do each and every day.

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