Luis O. Vasconez, MD

By Jill Seiler

I have known Doctor Seiler since he was a surgery resident at Carraway Methodist Medical Center beginning in 2003. During this time I found him to be a committed young surgeon who had excellent surgical skills and took very good care of patients. It was a pleasure having Doctor Seiler do a rotation in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he spent time in the operating room, seeing patients in the clinic and rounding in the hospital. He worked on academic assignments which he sought out. He also worked on three peer review publications and he took it upon himself to rewrite one entire paper on “Metastasis of Breast Cancer” and composed the manuscript in the case of another on “The use of Radial Forearm Free-Tissue Transfer”. Doctor Seiler’s moral and ethical characteristics are unblemished. He is has excellent rapport with peers and patients alike.

-Luis O. Vasconez, MD