Masahiro Seki, DVM

By Jill Seiler

A review from Dr. Seki after completion of the board examination by Dr. Seiler for ABLS certification: I am Dr. Masahiro Seki, Japanese Veterinarian. I have a private practice in Nagoya, Japan. There are many happy patients in my practice after I began to use Laser for treatment of animals.

I used to feel that many patients get a lot of stress from traditional treatment and sometimes they are exposed to risk for taking a surgery. Especially, in Japan there aren’t good solutions for it.

One day I encountered a book named ” Veterinary Laser Surgery”. According to the book, the laser surgery can remove unnecessary stress and risk such as extensive bleeding. So, I decided to learn the newest method in the US. Then I searched what is the most trustworthy organization in America. Finally, I found a great board and it was the American Board of Laser Surgery. The ABLS gives certification for laser surgery and provide an applicable textbook to learn accurate knowledge about laser. It was not only clinical laser applications but also laser basics too.

I think it is very important to study laser basics like physics and biochemical knowledge to use the laser for our practice safe. The ABLS Study Guide contains Laser Physics, Optics, Surgical Delivery Systems, Importance of Power Density, Tissue effect of Light, Laser Safety, and Biophysics of Resurfacing Human Skin also. We must have this knowledge to use laser more accurate and safe in our practice.

And we can get a certificate of the laser surgery to take some examinations. I improved my skills of laser surgery through the process and it was a very useful experiences for me. In Written Exam, it was not so hard to pass if we study the Study Guide suitably. On the other hand, I felt little bit nervous when I took the Oral Exam because I didn’t speak English very well then. However, Dr. Seiler helped me to release my tension talking friendly. When the Exam started I even relaxed because his questions were very gentle and pointedly with a little chat during the Oral Exam. Then I got the certificate of the ABLS finally.

I work hard using laser to get the certificate from the ABLS. What getting the certificate means having correct laser knowledge and using it efficiently. So, I got many practical accomplishments and stability of my techniques. It leads permeation of laser treatment and patients can benefit from the advantages of the laser surgery such as less bleeding, less painful, and less hospitalization. I believe that the ABLS certificate and study steps are very helpful to cosmetic doctors too because they need to know how the laser light works to human skins and important to handle laser machines for the delicate skins.

I hope to have the certificate of the ABLS as many doctors as possible in years to come. It would be very helpful for us and patients. Thanks very much Dr. Seiler, I am so happy to have such a wonderful experiences and certificate.

Masahiro Seki, DVM
Owner & Medical Director
Animal Laser Center