Dr. Hanadi Abuyousif

By Jill Seiler

Dear Dr. Seiler,

I am pleased and delighted to inform you that I have recently passed the ABLS oral exam. Having you Dr. Seiler as my oral examiner was such an honor.

My association with the ABLS since the day I registered was incredibly pleasant and very educational. I truly appreciate the proactive approach you and your staff provided during this career posting experience.

I am a dermatologist at the advanced clinics in Jeddah-KSA. I have been practicing medicine for almost 8 years and I have set many written and oral exams during the last few years and I always believe that as much as we prepare for the exam as a student, there is always something new we learn through the exam itself. My orax exam with Dr. Seiler was very valuable and knowledgeable as we discussed different interesting topics and I was so happy and amazed about his intelligent interaction. I felt so comfortable and blessed each time I finished my answers and he gave me the confidence to answer the next questions. Dr. Seiler is a good listener, he has a wonderful personality. I wish and am looking forward to meet him in person in the USA soon.

Thank you very much Dr. Seiler for examining me and thank the ABLS for giving me the pleasure to know such a great physician.

It is my opinion that the ABLS provides candidates like myself with the supplementary tools to make a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you for your diligent and kind regards.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Hanadi Abuyousif