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By Kimberly Wright

Keep forehead shots medial to raise brow

Always start with an even amount. Or symmetrical amount. even if it seems that their muscles are stronger on one side thatn the othe other. If there is assymetry, we can tweak. it. Always do even the first time. 

Botox does NOT do anything for under the eye. SYou have to use something else. There is a super advanced move that sometimes but still he even super rarely does it where you put 1 unit under the eye but in general, I’m going to say Don’t do anything for under the eye. 

1 notch to the 5 is 2.5 units. 

Brow lift: treat what pulls the brow down. The procerus and the obicularis. And stay high on the forehead with very little. 

If there is too much arching or spock brow, then use just 1 unit to fix. -KW 11/20/20