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By Kimberly Wright

Asses their concerns, Where do you see wrinkles? 

Botox shock: Sometimes one side may relazx early but then normalizes by two weeks. In two weeks goes away. But early on it starts in 4 to 7 days to relax and it seems to be a lot of relaxation but normalizes by 2 weeks. 

He uses about 10 to 15 units in Women. 

Myths are that you can’t lie down and you have to activate the botox by flexing. These are myths. 

Just go home and forget you had it done. 

F/u appt in 2 weeks after the injection and always wait at least two weeks befoire injecting again. 

I’m going to put on the Marketing teams L10 to get Top Doc picture taker. -KW 11/20/20