The Benefits of Filler for the Lower Face and Jawline

By Warren B. Seiler III MD

As an expert injector and the founder of my own training company, Seiler Skin Aesthetic Institute, I’m always seeking new ways to improve my skills and provide patients and fellow injectors alike with the knowledge needed to deliver noticeable, natural results. Whether it’s an emerging trend in the cosmetic industry or a breakthrough in laser technology, you can trust that I’m staying up to date on all things skin health!

One treatment that has become common within our industry is filler in the chin and jawline. This procedure is shown to improve the structure of the lower face, produce a more defined jawline, reduce the prominence of jowls, and even lift the upper neck. The popularity of filler application has largely come about due to our greater understanding of facial anatomy/proportions and the ways in which injectables can provide patients with a more youthful appearance. Patients at our practice have experienced incredible results with this treatment, so today, I thought to share the science behind filler and how it has become a mainstay in addressing concerns related to the lower face and upper neck.

If you’re an avid follower of Seiler Skin’s blog or social media channels, you may have seen our recent posts about Botox for the neck and jaw. Botox is great for addressing “dynamic” lines caused by repeated movement of specific muscles and can help reduce laxity in the neck and jawline areas. While this injectable may work well for some patients, we’ve found that filler is a better solution for concerns caused by natural volume loss and lowered collagen/elastin production. I always make sure to provide a thorough one-on-one consultation with every patient that visits our practice to determine which treatment plan is best for their specific issues and facial anatomy.

Personally, I focus on treating the cause of a patient’s problems, not just the symptom. While someone may want to address fine lines and wrinkles in one area of the face, it’s sometimes another area that’s causing the root of the problem. This is exactly why filler often is the best solution for people experiencing a relaxed jawline or greater level of laxity in the neck area. As our lower face ages and loses volume over time, this causes the areas underneath – namely the neck and jaw – to lose definition as well.

So, how does filler work to treat these concerns? I inject small amounts of filler in and around the chin and along the jawline, and in doing so, restore volume to the area. This added volume then acts to define and lift the skin and tissue around the jawline and neck to give patients a more youthful and well-defined appearance. With this treatment, I’m not trying to create a look that didn’t exist before; instead, I use my expertise paired with the science at our disposal to restore the lower face and turn back the hands of time. Over the years, I’ve treated both women and men with filler and experienced nothing but wonderful results.

Take a look at a demonstration of this treatment below!

The cosmetic industry is constantly changing as new products and treatments make their way into practices around the world and as we better understand the aging process. My team and I are always looking to bring new techniques and approaches to our practice that are both based in proven research and shown to benefit patients long-term. If you are interested in learning about how you can incorporate this treatment into your own practice, take a look at our CME-accredited online filler course!